Harmony with Tarnish

I pair woodworking with various other mediums to create unique 3D mixed media art for your home and office.

  • Turned

    All pieces start on the lathe. I turn the outer diameter to 1/8 inch in thickness and the inner diameter of the piece is 1 inch thick.

  • Carved

    I carve by hand with a high-speed dental drill. I pierce the wood where it's 1/8 inch thick and carve relief where it's thicker.

  • Burned

    I stipple the wood with a wire-tipped wood burner. This creates both color and texture adding depth to each piece.

  • Gilded

    I gild metal leaf on pieces and apply a mild acid to create a patina. I use gold, silver, and copper metal leaf.


This piece hangs in a clients home in San Antonio.


20"diameter Bubinga wood mounted on a distressed cradled wood panel.


This piece is currently for sale.


9 pieces of Ash wood with varying diameters mounted on a distressed cradled wood panel.