I’ve been working with wood across many different techniques for 35 years. When I started exploring woodturning, I discovered a form that allowed me to introduce a much greater degree of creativity and flexibility into my work than I had found in furniture making, toy creation, and construction. I found a method requiring me to watch and react to the wood. I enjoy the act of accepting input from the wood and modifying my interaction with the material, which results in a unique piece derived from a collaboration with the wood.


I first turn the wood on a lathe and shape the profile and thickness. I turn the outside diameter of each piece to 1/8 inch thick and carve the center to approximately 1 inch thick.  I pierce the wood and carve reliefs in the wood by hand using a high-speed dental drill. Black color and texture is added by stippling with a wire-tipped wood burner. In some cases, I’ll add paint or metal leaf for additional color and character. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, the time to complete a piece varies between 8 – 60 hours.


My previous career of 25 years as a financial controller consisted of sitting at a desk all day, applying defined rules, and negotiating future actions. Woodworking, in particular woodturning, has become a necessary activity for me to find balance. It’s an outlet for individuality, creativity, and the production of a tangible item that I didn’t find in my previous profession. Also, in being an artist, I'm able to be a role model for my kids, representing the opportunity to work in an area I love, which I wasn't able to do in my former career. 


I'm located in Damascus, OR. You can reach me by email at ronpurvisart@gmail.com or by completing the form on the Contact tab found on the menu at the top of this page.

My wife and I open our studio to the public 2 times a year in late May and early December. Sign up for my email announcements or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.